If you cannot buy products from another country, you learn to make it yourself
Sanctions failed to lower South African trade flows from their previous levels, but GNP growth actually accelerated after the European Community and the United States imposed sanctions (in September and October 1986, respectively). Perversely, South African businesses reaped at least $5 billion to $10 billion in windfalls as Western firms dis-invested at fire sale prices between 1984 and 1989.” That’s worth noting every time that sanctions are brought up as a way of undermining a regime or policy that somebody doesn’t like. They rarely work as intended, if they even work at all.</p>
As a number of observers have noted, there’s a real problem with viewing everything in the world through an American lens.
–Ukraine finally cracks down on “terrorists” — Interesting that Pro- Russian citizens of Ukraine is being call terrorist. I would say Separatist sounds better. Did you know that the Afrikaans word, Apartheid means separate? Somehow people tend to feel safe living among their own people..