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Yes, the logistics of trying to grow all your food are so great it is stupid to try.  What you need to do is to practise and get experience in doing it on a small scale.. so you maybe could do it if you needed.  And you need to get the tools .. hand tools … that you will need if the SHTF.   Like I have corn (maize) sheller and a grinder.  But I would not try growing maize by the acre .  If I thought that SHTF was imminent.. I would go out and buy 500lbs of shelled maize .( or more depending on how many people and how long I thought I needed to feed us).  With the idea that this bulk staple would get me thru a year or so till I .. and my team.. could become self sufficient… because we had to.

I suspect we will have a lot of very boring basic food… before we learn to be self sufficient.