Good morning, Jay!  It’s almost Sunday in Oklahoma.  Have been hoe-ing weeds in the garden, transplanting some violets (edible-leaved flowers, beautiful too), poured liquid fertilizer on my recently planted tomatoes to give them a jump-start, and yes, it was hot today here also.  88-90F.  Very windy which is depleting soil moisture.  A thunderstorm was predicted but no-show, so I watered the veggie garden.  May still get a thunderstorm and hail before dawn…hopefully not an infamous OK tornado.

Also tried to register online for OK Sales Tax license since I am going back into the art business full time again.  Frustrated with their complicated and stubborn website so will have to call the offices Monday.  Grrrrr….

Went to the second-hand store across the road and purchased a sturdy rolling garbage can with tight lid, fairly clean, for a fraction of the new price.  Will use it in our shed for storing TP (the one civilized amenity my husband would rather not live without…but yes, we both have used leaves before.  Not ready to go India-style just yet…)

Washed laundry, cooked meals (including salads of tender young lettuce thinned from the garden), made up a gallon of yogurt which will be ready in the morning, and while eating supper with my husband, watched “The Great Queen SeonDuek” (sp) episodes four and five in Korean with English subtitles.

A good day today…ready to go and worship God tomorrow, then go to a friend’s house and see his reloading setup.