Awesome discussion. Here is my take on this:

First of all I think it depends how serious the person is about preparedness. Some people might be OK if technology fails, they will face more serious problems that they are not prepared for. What just matters is that these people are aware of this. Can you still call them preppers? Uhm maybe? They do more than the unprepared so thats why we should call them preppers.

But isn’t the idea of preparing to consider all scenarios and prepare for them as good as possible? I think this is where most of us stand and that’s why the “other” way of preparing looks way too risky for us.

To be honest, I would not prepare to live a simple life and learn primitive skills if I wouldnt enjoy it. Im not so attached to life or scared of death that being worried about the future would give me enough motivation to learn to use primitive tools and grow my own food. I probably would be also just a “half hearted prepper” who is ready to be unprepared once technology fails if I wouldnt enjoy learning all of this.

This brings me to the next… a bit more philosophical point. I believe preparedness and survival is about freedom. Nothing else. Just the ability we humans had for millennia to survive long enough to reproduce ON OUR OWN. I believe this also means to be more in touch with nature and try to see through the bullsh!t society or those who form opinions try to promote. This is why I enjoy learning about survival, because it gives me independence to a certain degree.

I think its wrong that a lot of companies sell products with outrageous claims of keeping people safe just to make money. I also feel sorry for people who fall for this because they buy an umbrella to keep them safe from an approaching hurricane. But these types of people are creatures of comfort and not fit for survival anyway unless they change their attitude and wake up.

I hope their gadgets help them to survive, but I doubt it. I have the same gadgets but I know my skills and knowledge are much more reliable and unless I get handicapped, can’t be lost.

A quote I heard first from Selco that has become one of my favorite quotes:

Omnia mea mecum porto
“All that’s mine I carry with me”

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")