A lot of people think they can “buy security” thats why we don’t like to feature such products on the website.

Survival is not easy, regardless what fancy gun, seed package or “unbeatable” trading strategy one has. There is so much wrong information out there. A lot of people are happy to take money and consult others and tell them bullsh!t and just what they want to hear. It feels much better than reality.

Great advice tweva and yes once things go wrong its often game over. That’s why I believe it is really important to plant a “food forest” and use some other principles of permaculture to make living of the land a bit easier.

Also permaculture isn’t the answer to everything but it provides a lot of good ideas to produce food in a self sustaining environment. Dealing with times when you can not grow such as winter (or in my case in the tropics, the dry season) is another challenge of course.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")