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Thanks for all the complements

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No I did not make a sheath for it. I have an old friend from high school who is making one for it as we speak.

there basically are three different ways to make a knife.
1.Buy a pre made blank knife and put whatever handle you want on it.
2.Grinder Smithing(that’s what my horse shoer calls it) Where you take a piece of hardened steel and grind or file it to the desired shape. That’s how I did this one.

3. Forging ,where you heat the metal and beat it into the shape you want and then heat treat it to the desired hardness.
These are listed in order of difficulty easiest to hardest. Making knives is a lot of fun. You get the satisfaction of making something yourself and you get to choose the features you want. Ever looked at knives at a store and said man I really like that blade but the handle looks uncomfortable or visa versa. It’s like burger king, you get it your way.