1974, I think even if there was an EMP all it would do is set us back for five years but tech will come back. – free

Dude, really? I disagree. I think if there’s an intentional nuke-generated EMP that hits us, it will blow us back to the Dark Ages. I mean, think about it. We’re in the 21st century. How many people have access to working tech from the 20th century? Early 20th? Late 19th century? Early to mid 19th?

Example: Think about how much effort goes into just making a single candle.

Someone needs to be the beekeeper and harvest honey and wax. Wax needs to be filtered and poured into blocks. Then there’s the wick – made from cotton. Someone has to plant and grow the cotton to maturity, harvest it, etc. Then, someone else spins it into thread. For simplicities sake, lets say they’re using a drop spindle instead of a spinning wheel. Then you have to find someone who knows how to flat-braid the cotton into a wick. Then comes mordanting, which is soaking the wick in water and dissolved salt or borax to impart some flame-retardance. Without mordanting, the wick would be destroyed, so it’s critical. Then you have to find someone who knows something about soldering and/or tinning and have them make you a gang mold. Melting wax today is usually done in a double boiler to keep from scorching and/or igniting the wax. Today’s release agent is usually silicone, but cooking oil or mineral oil could probably be used satisfactorily…

NOW you’re ready to make your candles…

And this is just a simple candle. Even back in the early 19th century, they had treadle powered lathes, drill presses, etc.. not anymore. Most folks are so dependent on modern tech, they would be babes in the woods without it. And not only are they unfamiliar with previous generations of tech, they have no idea how to duplicate it if they had to, even if they had the means.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1