Mr. Red
Mr. Red

I’m not going to try to convince you to stay, but if you’re just going to leave because of a differencing of opinions, more specifically political views, then I have to ask why. If you see something you disagree with, state it, say what you believe, and go from there. Democracy is pretty cool eh?

Also, if you see a thread about whatever, but it turns political, then either tell the posters to keep the thread on the same subject matter as it’s suppose to be, or if you don’t want to speak up let me know because I’ll straighten em out haha.

But seriously, leaving for sake of a difference of opinions or beliefs is pretty childish. I disagree with a lot of what my Canadian government does. Do I just say “Nope I’m done here” and leave? Not yet lol.


A lot of people on here are religious. I’m not. You don’t see me tuckin’ tail and running off. In fact, I’ve come to know these people are of good heart and mind. Just because they don’t share the same beliefs as I doesn’t mean we can’t get along.

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