The soviets attacked Finland with a lot of bad doctrine , poor leadership ( thanks to Stalin’s purge ), and mediocre equipment , they lost ………but after the Germans invaded , they were forced to change their doctrine and upgrade their equipment to survive .- Tolik

You mean, upgrade their equipment to the stuff we gave them? Trucks, tanks, planes? Yep. And talk about being on the wrong side of the coin, that corrupt old evil cripple FDR… can’t stand to even talk about him. I can’t think of one good thing to say about that dirtbag. Kissing the Russian’s ass? FDR hopped out of his wheelchair to smooch Stalin’s backside at Yalta… Churchill wasn’t even a player by that time. Britain declares war on Germany for invading Poland, we back Britain (even though we were supposed to be “neutral”, which violated international law) then FDR turns around and just GIVES Poland to Stalin? Where the hell is that fair?

I think the Finns did their best given a shitty situation… much like Switzerland did, except Finland didn’t have the advantage of huge mountain ranges and narrow passes to deter an invasion. Surrounded, cut off, they played ball and made it clear that anyone who tried to take them out would pay a heavy price… sue for peace rather than annihilation? I’m not going to fault them that.

And don’t get me started on how FDR deliberately provoked the Axis powers… the US cuts off the flow of oil to Japan because Japan invaded China. Pull your troops back, and you can have oil again, FDR says. The US Ambassador to Japan actually worked a miracle and had the Japs ready to sign an agreement where they would pull out of China if the US would turn the oil back on. That was summer, 1941. FDR told them to get bent. The Japs hit us a few months later.

MEANWHILE, in the Atlantic, our destroyers were under orders to assist British Firefly anti-submarine planes in destroying German U-boats, even though we claimed neutrality.. when the U-Boats shot at our destroyers, the newspapers howled “GERMANS ATTACK US DESTROYER!”, making no mention of our involvement… then there’s FDR still claiming neutrality and sending war materiel to England on passenger liners (same as his Hero and old boss, Woodrow Wilson did back before the first world war…). The Germans knew damn well which boat was carrying what, in direct, flagrant violation of international law and the laws of war. A neutral party cannot supply only one belligerent and still claim neutrality… either both sides, or neither, or you are a belligerent by default. FDR got around this by shipping munitions and materiel on passenger liners covertly, since public support for another war was rock bottom… and our ships were shot up for the same reasons the Lusitania was sunk.

My point is, is that nobody had clean hands in that war. Stalin? Obvious. Hitler? Obvious. But what pisses me off is that FDR mostly gets a pass, when he was possibly the worst of the bunch – not because he wasted his own people, but because he claimed the moral high ground in public, all the while being a completely corrupt, lying, totalitarian socialist sack of ****. Worst president since Lincoln.

Sorry.. .sort of got off topic. We can bat around history in another thread if you want… my bad. :)

Finns still handed the Russians their asses in the Winter War.. neener neener….

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