Selco, I was wondering the same thing: What the difference was between your perspective and the guy who shot. Can you elaborate, please? Thanks!

Guy next to me believed that man relative killed his father, and he was trying to pull more information from the “runner”, and when he did not find anything useful they started something like short fistfight, then he pulled the gun.

It was not my issue there, I did not want to be part of the problem, when you take someone life (or help somebody to do that) you could become (or someone dear to you) target for revenge.

And the guy with pistol was nobody important to me, just a guy with who I had some temporary business.

Maybe hard to explain now, but golden rule was that you mind your own business, stay out of the trouble, and if you are already in trouble then act quickly and without hesitation.

I always liked to stay on the “mind your own business” part of the rule if I could.

Shooter could simply raise hand, take moment and kill dude with one or two bullets, but he was in emotional messed up situation, very angry. He missed.