I’m sure that’s true, but why I don’t like the M16/M4 isn’t because of some “story”. Me not liking it is more of an accumulation of experience, plus a bit of knowledge about firearms engineering.

It shits where it eats. You just cannot get around that in it’s current state. Some folks have modded the M4 to have a gas piston which impinges on the bolt carrier, which keeps the crud out of the action (which is how Stoner should have designed it in the first place), but even with that mod, I still choose to carry something else.

Often, troops would get their rifles so dirty they would (even though they are not supposed to) completely disassemble the action. But, instead of using a proper sized brass punch to drift out the action pins, they would “stab” at them with a section of cleaning rod. Since the lower receiver is aluminum and the cleaning rods are steel, you can guess what happened. Plus, the pins go out one way and in one way. Do it wrong, and you hog the holes out – again because the pins are steel and the lower receiver is aluminum. Which means the rifle, while you are firing it, well there’s a pretty good chance the rifle will disassemble itself in the middle of your shooting session.

By the way, you know why the Army had the A2 made with a thicker barrel out towards the muzzle? Not because of heat absorption or accuracy or anything like that… it was because troops were using the barrel of the then-issue A1 to put cots together. They were using it as a lever, and doing that bent the crap out of the barrel. Instead of addressing the issue properly, they just made the barrel thicker so it wouldn’t bend as easily…

For what it is, it’s not a bad rifle/carbine. But if I’m going to carry something and I have a say in the matter, then I want better. And HK makes the best rifles of military usefulness on the planet. The only ***** I got about mine is that the 93 still has the old 1/12″ twist barrel, which means I can only shoot the M193 cartridge. Retrofitting it with a 1/8″ barrel would let me shoot the heavier 62g green tip projos.

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