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“I just imagine there must be a lot of awareness to these issues in Florida.”

Jay, unfortunately many people have short memories.  Enough time passes between hurricanes, especially the bad ones, that people forget the impact these storms can have.  I’m sure that anyone who lived through Andrew, Charlie, Hugo, Katrina etc. will never forget, but for the more mild storms people tend to get complacent.  Some even get downright cocky.  They ride out a Cat 1 or 2 with not much more than a day off of work, and then want to have a Hurricane Party the next time one comes around.  That kind of attitude can be very dangerous.  Storms can change intensity and direction without much notice.

We knew Andrew was going to be serious, problem was that it was supposed to hit further up the coast.  While we were hunkered down in West Palm Beach expecting something severe, the folks in Miami were getting hammered by the worst part of the storm when they were only expecting the outskirts.  A perfect example of “prepare for the worst, hope for the best”.

My Ex used to make fun of me for gathering a few extra supplies before hurricane season … that all stopped when he got back from Miami to get his grandmother out of Cutler Ridge after Andrew.