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For use with trip wires, don’t forget those little novelty pulling poppers, they make a nice little pop, and if you are careful you can arrange it so several go with one pull of the trip wire.

You can also make a simple pull igniter with then, some visco (cannon) fuse, tape, and optionally little pinch of BP to reduce the chances of a misfire. The key is to carefully cut the end of the fuse so that the popper is nested in between the 2 sides of the fuse. And by a “little pinch” I mean just that, probably not even 1 grain’s worth of the finest grade of BP you can get, you are just looking for something easy to ignite that will burn just long enough (and hot enough) to get the fuse lit. It was a well received way to light a bonfire at a summer camp I assisted with a few years ago, probably used 10-12 feet total of 3 different types of fuse, wrapping all around the kindling and wood, since these were all kids interested in Engineering they liked that a lot more than just using matches.