I had a very nice RWS/Beeman air rifle for years, it was accurate, powerful and heavy.
But it was large, heavy and a pain to load and shoot without getting out of the car.
It was just a lot less handy across the board.

My long barreled Marlin M-39 and Savage M-6 got all the use with CCI .22 CB Long’s for much of my ‘in town’ small critter shooting. Occasionally a Remington Subsonic HP or Aguila 60gr SSS load was used but not as often as one would think, depended on the target.

I used to shoot a bunch of raccoons and skunks at night while on patrol to try and keep the rabies and distemper that was rampant in the area to a minimum. (LEO) Proper ammo selection to not wake the residents but still make a clean kill was imperative. The tougher ‘coons and skunks were shot with the more powerful ammo, again, just to make sure they were dead and not wandering off to infect one of the residents dogs/cats.

The pigeon problem was better solved or at least we broke even using the net solution.