If it is so bothersome to you why read it then?  Not all of these were set up as suicides as your not-so up-to-date article suggests.

So, as a person (people) that keeps bringing this up…….I could care less what happens to a bunch of lying, stealing, deceiving, conniving, filthy bunch of bankers (or anyone else with those attributes that aren’t bankers). What I DO care about is the ‘bigger picture’ here and how it will affect myself and others financially when this cycle comes to a close.  Anyone that keeps their money in the banks and does not have hard assets is going to feel the pain of this when its all over, and this particular example is too obvious that something is amiss.

And yes, evil men ‘conspire’, regardless of what we were taught in government schools. I’m still trying to figure out what is so hard to believe about that.