With thousands of UN soldiers now living in Africa, Americans will be getting a taste of Africa…

Just a thought – In the late 1970’s and I am very sure today, governments uses other silent warfare methods
“Cholera was introduced into the Gaza Province of Mozambique in the hope of debilitating infiltrating guerrillas. It worked, but it also infected the local population and later spread into Rhodesia. Anthrax was introduced to kill cattle to reduce the food supply available. That also worked but it boomeranged back into Rhodesia and caused a large number of deaths in the tribal areas. Seizing the opportunity Special Branch and the Selous Scouts infiltrated ZANLA’s logistical supply chains with canned food, medicines and other supplies contaminated with poisons. Clothing was impregnated with toxins that invaded the body through hair follicles. Thousands of guerrillas died. In late 1979 all parties to the conflict – Bishop Muzorewa and the by then Zimbabwe-Rhodesia government – under the watchful eye of Ian Smith and his colleagues – Joshua Nkomo and his ZAPU-PF and Robert Mugabe and his ZANU-PF were elbowed to the negotiating table at Lancaster House in London by the British, ….” http://www.amazon.com/Assignment-Selous-Scouts-Rhodesian-Special/dp/1919854142