Mr. Red
Mr. Red


If the U.S. collapses, so will most every other nation, regardless if they invent new stuff or copy stuff. The United States is still the centre for economic an military power (at least for now), so when the U.S. dollars stop flowing, a massive amount of people in many nations will be in their own SHTF world. The only thing is that China has the ability, if they do it properly, to withstand the worst of it, since they are the hub of production of most everything now.

We all know well that the only reason we (western ally nations) came out of the great depression was because of WW2. How much production was happening in the U.S. then? To use the word lots would be a drastic understatement. They had the factories, they had the people in the skilled trades, they had the resources pouring in.

Look at the U.S. now. How many factories were shut down or moved overseas (mostly to china). How many people work as a tradesman versus people in offices doing rather menial jobs? How many natural resources are being sent abroad?

Am I saying China can’t collapse? No. Could they survive it better than the U.S.? Quite possibly. Honestly, this is just my opinion and some tinfoil hat business, but if we see a larger downturn of the economy, and more of this annexation of parts or whole nations that leads up to more punches being thrown, then I can’t really see us coming out as a major victor.

Even if the Red Dragon is powered by the American Greenback, the fact remains that they have the ability to put people to work in a fashion to where they become more of a military force than we do, and that is kind of scary.

Wee bit of a rant I know, but that’s my view on the ChiComs and how they can deflect the brunt of an economic collapse. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe the people could revolt next week and it’d be the end of the Red Dragon. Maybe they’d suffer such setbacks that they could never recover from a downturn in the economy.

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