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Matt76 –

My problem is not eating a ‘non-traditional’ food. My problem is eating pigeons and rats, especially those from an urban environment, might fill my stomach but could kill me!

Pigeons in cities are routinely fed long acting poisons to render them infertile. They also usually have high elevated lead counts in their bodies in cities. This was a topic in the news locally a year or ore ago when some writer did a story on the pigeon program of a nearby city. They also are host to tons of diseases. This from pigeonman.com: ‘There are over sixty bacterial diseases, viruses, funguses and parasites associated with pigeons. The most problematic for humans would be Histoplasmosis and Cryptococcus. In addition there are: Trichomonisasis, Encephalitis, Meningitis, Pasteurellosis, Blastomycosis, Sarcosporidiosias, Toxoplasmosis, Candidiasis, Lisreiosis, Vibriosis, Salmonella and Paratyphoid. The National Institute of Health has reported a potentially blinding eye condition that probably results from the fungus. In some areas such as parts of Illinois, up to 80% of the population is reported to have been infected at some point.’

Rats? They eat them in China in the country all the time. Costs more than chicken. But they are generally, raised for this. Eating those that have plague or toxoplasmosis can kill you.

Squirrels probably carry something as they are in rodent family -but I’d take a chance on squirrel over a rat or pigeon more because of how they live and where they tend to travel/forage. Squirrel tastes pretty good too.

I understand people may be starving but….I’d have to be willing to die in a day or two in an unpleasant way to eat an urban pigeon or rat.