Mr. Red
Mr. Red

Just like hunting the game on land, fishing will also be a main way for people to put food on the table. That’ll cause a depletion of the fish stocks that are readily available. Depends on the area, yes, but it will happen.

I’m lucky in that hunting and fishing is a way of life here, and I’ve been doing it since I could walk. That being said, I’m in no way an expert, but I can get food. I also have to agree Tolik. How many people who have rifles will be out in the space trying to harvest meat? How many of them never hunted a day in their life? How many of these preppers don’t know how to look of sign, or basic tracking skills, or if they do get a deer lets say, how to properly butcher it and preserve it, or tan the hide, or just all parts of the animal?

Hunting isn’t as simple as many of those people think. You can just walk out into the woods and shoot yourself a dinner. Fishing is a bit easier but again it’s a skill set that one needs to practice before we’re neck deep in the doo-doo.

Snares, traps, nets, those are all the better option, because they’re still working when you’re not there.

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