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1974, I am in the city! I do not have much of a hunting skill. Read lots of books, go target shooting, have all the weapons to hunt. But not done much hunting.

I had a second home on an island from 2004 to 2009 and did a lot of fishing and netting so that area is covered.

I will have a problem hunting but if the SHTF I thing since I am in the city I will get to learn how to hunt, they just maybe not deer. So if I live though all out SHTF in this city.

I am really thinking of going in Oct or Nov with a trooper friend that goes deer hunting to Georgia every year.
The problem is that my son is 14 and in school. I am the one that takes him and picks him up. I work at home. Wife works in the University. So have a hard time getting away in Oct or Nov because of school.