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I think these events are a commentary on the health of our culture and society. Years ago, guns were easily accessible by children, schools had shooting sports, boys carried pocket knives, etc – yet mass killings were uncommon.

Regarding gun control:
In short, I am against it. Guns are the number one guarantee of freedom in a society and keep the power balance between government and the citizens finely tuned and honest. Guns are not the problem and no false promise of safety is worth giving them up over. Period.

Gypsy, I understand your concern for your daughter. It is good to consider all of the possibilities and help your daughter plan for emergencies. I am glad you posted the article you found so we could discuss it and learn more about what is going on. I am proud of you for your efforts to help your daughter as well as the rest of the members here with kids. I am not saying that there is never anything bad that goes on related to school policy lockdown, but I am saying it is not common. If there is something that seems fishy, it is probably the result of well-intentioned, but poorly thought out policy or badly designed training as opposed to evil.

Regarding the infowars article:
I am irritated by the fact that there is much propaganda out there and people on the internet and in the media maliciously use it to stir up controversy. This confuses many good and well-meaning folks. I know that a lot of the conspiracy theories out there just end up occupying peoples time and mental energy and taking the focus off of real common sense preparedness. It is easy to be confused and it happens to everyone to one degree or another. Just do your best to be vigilant.

Tweva and Freedom, thank you for your insight and comments. They are appreciated.