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elijah, Also remember that my parents saw with there own eyes how Castro came to power, it was by promising the poor everything. At the beginning Castro did give all the Elite left Cuba to Miami. What was left was the poor and Castro now has the poor living like the poor in Africa. The poor in Cuba were like the poor in the U. S.

They just wanted more and more so it drove the Elite out. That system doesn’t work. Many of the poor need jobs not hand outs and free food. The Government is going the wrong way by taxing the Corp more! What they need is to give then tax breaks for everyone they give a job. That will work.

Taxing the Elite is no big deal since they have all the money to hire the best accountants and find the way to not pay the higher tax. The Dem and the Rep always do the same, they leave tax lop holes so they do not pay the taxes. The Dem pass higher taxes and the people think that the Elite are getting taxed more , what a joke, they never pay more.

The name of the game is jobs and what incentives do we give them so they do open more jobs.

We had higher Capital Gain Tax from 15 to 35 so has it done anything NO More jobs, It is the wrong way to go.

The Elites just find better ways of doing things.