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This is what Communist do with kids! They will test the grounds to see how fare the people will let them go. They take freedoms slowly like cutting a big tree by hand. In time they have total control.

In Cuba the children in school only learn about Communism, there in no freedom, there is no God, the government is the one that gives you food and only the amount that they let you have so is you talk bad about the government they reduce the amount of food your family gets so everyone in your family gets bad at you for speaking out.

They will have you neighbor spy on you and will give your neighbor more food to tell on you. So you will not trust anyone. In Cuba no one trust no one even your family. They have been able to turn the families into spies on ther families.

The children have grown up in 50 years on Communism were they do not know what is freedom! If you do not know what is freedom you don’t miss it. They do not know what it is to work anymore.

So this is what they are trying to start here but they know it has to be slow, give to the poor free food and slowly end the middle class so you can give them free food. Once they have everyone on the free everything and not have to work then they start to cut back on everything they give for free but it is to late! Many years go by and the people will not know what to do because they didn’t work or studied anything. They have total control! It is call Communism! But it is really a tyranny! They are Dictators!