Also small bottles of hand sanitizer, and larger ones which can be used to refill the smaller ones. This makes good fire starter, but the real reason for these is to stay clear of bacteria and viruses. If there is a pandemic these will be worth an astronomical amount as will face masks and respirators.

Somehow I have ended up with more antibiotics than I probably would ever need for my family. I have a bit that can be used for trading if the need arises.

I have an accumulation of the small jars of coffee useful for trading. Sure I can drink it now, its not bad, but I save money by purchasing in larger jar for myself. I buy the smaller jars on sale for a buck or two and they are good trading size.

Good stuff Higherview. Having different kind of “containers” for packaging things for trade is good, it make much more sense to trade stuff in small amounts, then in bigger. From the security point of view and also from the “value” point.

I already mention that even ONE single cigarette was valuable, small amounts of coffe too etc.
So it is great to have everything prepared so you can offer small bottles of alcohol for example, or small bags of spices or similar.