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Hahaha Malgus ..oh my ribs!

’13 consecutive miracles’? Love that! Surely can identify.

Need to paint barn maintenance wise, plus darn this is brown. Only ever saw brown barns in Sweden. Sticks out (not good) like sore thumb. Get out power washer. Assemble one small section of scaffold. Starting to power off the old, peeling paint (former owner put latex over oil stain guess to ‘pretty it up’ for sale) Taking deep breaths, trying to zone out – patience of a project like this is not my thing.

Started on pool side – took out section of fence surrounding it to make easy in out.

Up on scaffold doing my thing – soaking wet of course. New tenant in apartment for 2 days. City girl.Unbeknownst to me, goes ‘running’ in morning for exercise with her dog – leaves 2 gates open. Unhuh.

Next think I know, above the roar of the power washer and all the spray and paint chips flying I see one of the new spring heifers barreling towards me/scaffold/power washer – being chased by the tenants dog. Both run past – tenant comes running, waving her arms, screaming at the dog. No way out where they ran (fenced). Heifer turns, head butts dog who goes flying, comes racing back towards screaming, freaking tenant. ‘Oh no this is not good’ I remember thinking.

Heifer comes running, sees crazed woman, veers away and jumps, bangs throws itself between the power washer and the scaffold. I lost balance, fell 5 feet and landed on top of power washer engine. thus the cracked ribs.

Heifer keeps running, woman still screaming now wailing about her dog (dog fine). Heifer runs onto the pool cover – which pulls pegs out of the concrete holding cover springs. Heifer now flailing around in swampy, over-wintered pool water making a racket. I just sat there, holding my ribs, sunglasses all askew on my face staring like an idiot. WTF? How did such a peaceful, beautiful spring day turn into this?

Oh yes. Know about monumental stupidity.