Guys and gals,

I know some of you might think that what I think is harsh or wrong or even (God forbid that Word of Power – RAYCISS!), but I will not be moved on this..

We need to seal off our borders and get a handle on the illegal immigration issue. I know this is about an Ebola outbreak, but the illegal immigration issue and the outbreak issues are linked. Direct causation. Stop the first, you stop the second.

I think back to the 1918 outbreak (or it might have been a cholera outbreak). Whichever it was, people were dropping like flies. One, and only one, town out west instituted a city quarantine before anyone got ill. Armed men – civilians – took it upon themselves to seal the town. Nobody in or out, period, until the crisis had passed. People crabbed and complained and tried to leverage those good men. They weren’t having any of it, period, and were like the rock of Gibraltar. Nobody in or out. The End.

And, in the end, they were vindicated. Not one single person in their town died, or even got sick, from the contagion burning through the rest of the country. They were the only ones to have the intestinal fortitude to do what needed to be done to save their town. And it worked.

Thing is, the crud the illegals are bringing into the US right now? We stamped that stuff out generations ago and now have no natural immunity to any of it whatsoever. Bring in some rarefied crud from the darkest hole in Africa? It would be Biblical. And yet, those idiots in Mordor on the Potomac want to bring in MORE illiterate, unwashed Typhoid Marys from every 3rd world shyte-hole on Earth… and Europe, under the evil spell of “multiculturalism”, has even MORE idiots than we do!

This… will not end well. Mark me.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1