Once upon a time, we used to screen people coming into the country for illnesses, etc. They were quarantined before entry to protect the citizens of this nation.

But now? Now we have swarms of illegals crossing our borders, bringing with them diseases we stamped out long ago and have no natural immunity to anymore… TB, etc. Even the Black Death is popping up again. I’ve been waiting for some “Contagion” outbreak like this to flash around the world because of the stupidity of man. And now it’s not only broken containment in 7 countries in Africa (where it should stay), but it’s in Italy (if you believe the reports to be true). Europe is even worse off than the US is from an illegal immigration standpoint, and what few controls we/they have on normal immigration are completely nonexistent when it comes to illegals.

As far as the Italians slamming the lid on this? I would to things differently, but then, I’m not the Italians..

“The job of Government isn’t to tell the truth. The job of Government is to instill confidence” – Anonymous Greek politician.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1