Experience a range of new skills, challenges and survival scenarios under the guidance of Selco and Toby at our exceptional training area in Zadar, Croatia.
In this scenario based course you can learn the key principles and skills to Urban Survival. We will take a small group of people from diverse backgrounds through common scenarios that Selco has experienced in his time during the Balkans war.


How much money do you spend on tools and equipment versus learning real practical survival skills? A survival course is not only training, its a great experience that upgrades you for a lifetime.

We welcome everyone, regardless of your previous survival experience and / or knowledge. A diverse group presents interesting and appropriate challenges in a way not normally addressed in training. Group dynamics and successful team management is an essential skill in regular life and even more so in post disaster survival situations. This truly unique course has been designed to give you the greatest competence in the shortest period of time and as such is an opportunity not to be missed!

Course Outline:

During the course your existing skills will be assessed and expert improvement tips provided by our instructional team. New skills will be delivered, initially in stand alone training sessions, but once learnt they will be applied during scenarios run throughout the course to ensure the best assimilation and appropriate use of all skills acquired.

There is a necessity for elements of physical and psychological pressure and duress to be introduced to drills and scenarios during training, in order for students to be able to identify areas of personal strengths and weaknesses.

Students will receive regular and detailed feedback from instructors in addition students will be assessed and ‘scored’ during all activities and assessment scores will be reviewed at the end of each training day for students to identify where in the overall course they ‘rank’.

It should be highlighted the key aim of this course is to provide credible, contextual and applicable training for post disaster survival, not indulge in post-apocalyptic fantasies.

Course Venue:


It has taken three years of searching to find the perfect venue for this course. The venue is a disused and derelict military base ideally suited to post disaster training. The conditions, hazards, infrastructure and layout are all reminiscent of a society when normality stops…


Selco has written all articles here on SHTF School and shares his experiences from surviving in a city surrounded by the enemy army and cut off from power, food, water and other supplies for a year during the Balkan war. Unlike many other so called survival experts he has experienced the end of the world as we know it.

Toby is a survival instructor who runs Survival, Outdoor and Personal Safety courses worldwide. Originally from the UK, now based in Scandinavia, deep inside the Arctic Circle, Toby draws on his 25 years of training and experience in survival and outdoor skills, risk management, self defence and military training to provide the best organization and structure to the training planned.

Just like Selco, Toby is committed to cutting through the myths, misunderstandings and unfortunately, outright fantasies, so prevalent in today’s survival scene by delivering applied skills that have been thoroughly ‘pressure tested’.

Course Itinerary:

Training includes, but is not limited to addressing the seven essential aspects of Urban Preparedness:

1) Fire

  • Principles
  • Sourcing of materials
  • Keeping fire hidden
  • When NOT to light a fire

2) Shelter

  • Principles
  • Priorities in Urban environment
  • Safety/Security

3) Water

  • Sourcing
  • Storing
  • Transport
  • Purification

4) Food

  • Acquisition
  • Storage
  • Trade/Barter
  • Priorities (types of food to try and obtain)
  • Cooking methods (overt and covert)

5) Signalling/Communications

  • Patrol (hand) signals
  • Dead Letter drops
  • Hazard Indicators
  • Range cards/Map making
  • Security procedures

6) Medical/Hygiene

  • Field hygiene routines
  • How to conduct hygiene inspections
  • Basic Life Support
  • Bleed treatment
  • Burn treatment

7) Defence

  • Principles
  • What self defence training should consist of
  • Defensive driving
  • Vehicle checkpoints
  • Building defence
  • Patrolling
  • Gathering Information
  • ‘De-escalation’

Full itinerary details will not be released as the ‘element of surprise’ is an ESSENTIAL part of this training, suffice to say students will need to be able to ‘Improvise, Adapt and Overcome’ their way through a variety of challenges during the course.

Payment/Booking Details:

Places are STRICTLY limited so early booking is advised. This course is completely unique and unrivalled in the current preparedness marketplace. Selco and Toby’s commitment is to make training as accessible as possible, therefore the entire 5 day course is priced at only 745€*