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    I think most people accept the fact that every form of electronic communication is comprised. Just why everyone needs a lower GI exam is troubling all the same.


    Get ” off pocket ” , its a case that blocks all incoming and outgoing signals …….it was designed with privacy in mind .

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    GPS is ok. What I’ve noticed is a lot of people swap phones. You have 200 minutes left and you know you’ll never use them so you let a friend take your phone on vacation.

    What I don’t like is the idea a hacker could turn on the phone mic and listen in to conversations.. I did an experiment with that. I left an open line on a phone in my pocket and went around talking to people. My wife said she could hear every word I said and they said clearly. I thought it would be muffled. NO not even close. It was clear as day. Amazing. Even the background noise can be filtered out.

    Everything with a mic is suspect now. When Snowden was talking about the subject it was like he opened a window into another dimension. They are listening and using the gps. The mic though is real spying.

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    All of our phone (landline and cell) conversations are easy to be listened to, and many have been, by many different alphabet agencies for many, many years – sometimes just for the amusement of those with the mere ability to listen, with zero probable cause, or even excuse – just personal recreational curiosity. Imagine how much more use is made by those that think they have legitimate reasons to do so. How do I know that? NO one is on my “need to know list.” It’s safer that way.

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