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    If you write gear reviews please try to make them as helpful for others as possible.

    Here are some thoughts and ideas what you could include in your gear review.

    1. Specifications
    2. Official Product Description
    3. Why did you get it?
    4. What do you like about it?
    5. What dont you like about it? How could it be improved?
    6. How did you hear about it?
    7. Where did you get it?
    8. How did it help you in the past? (Personal experience of using it)

    You can add videos from youtube or vimeo by simply copy and pasting the video url. You can attach images to posts by adding “Attachments” when you write a post (here is a more detailed video and post about this). For a quick guide to format posts head over here.

    Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")


    Knife review of Cabelas Pro Gold fixed blade hunting knife.

    I have to say right now that this knife has never been used in as dire a situation as our friend Selco that needed and used in his SHTF situation. It is a fixed blade, 4 inches in length, rubber textured grip. It is coated with a titanium nitride coating, hence the Pro Gold moniker. Why is this my favorite out of the 70 some knives I own? Simple. It has the sharpest and most useful blade design I have ever seen.

    I am a Bowhunter for deer, and it has field dressed at least 5 deer before it even came close to needing sharpening, and even then it barely needed it. It is made for Cabelas by Buck, and they are known for making some very nice factory knives. Just cause it is not a custom, doesn’t mean it can’t be good. And this knive is most certainly good. Any hunter can tell you that field dressing large mammals takes it’s toll on a knife edge. This knife performs and then some. And if it does needs to be sharpened, and you don’t have the means to do so, you can send back to Buck and they will sharpen free of charge ( other than shipping ). But hey if you read this site you had better to at least be able to sharpen your knife. Otherwise Selco will tsk-tsk you into shame!


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    My brother-in-law bought me a nice little backpackers stove. It is light weight and takes twigs to cook with. We got the set of pots and pans and lids that double as plates. It is called the solo stove and it is made from stainless steel. Here is a link to see it. The link is not a suggestion of where to buy it. It is worth the weight in your bag.


    Here’s my latest toy. It’s an assisted opening folder called the Shenanigan Z designed by Ken Onion for CRKT.
    Feels light weight, but well balanced in the hand. Blade length is 3.25″ but looks a bit longer, and opens fast and smooth. Overall open length is 8.25″, and closed length is 4.875″. The blade has a bead blast finish, and is a modified drop point.

    I’ve always liked the drop or modified drop points on a knife, because to me it cuts easier and deeper with less force. This appears to be well made. Not too heavy in the pocket, and yet large enough to feel like you have a good hold on her. It comes in two styles, with the “saw-teeth” and without. And one of the things I especially like about his knives is that they are relatively inexpensive for a quality blade like this. Less than $60.

    Generally, speaking the only major problem I have with it is that, like all tools, they design them primarily for right-handed people. Otherwise, I’m pretty impressed with it. A great EDC knife

    You can find these on their website at:“>

     photo CRKT96dpi.jpg” alt=”CRKT Knife” />

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