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    Ok, up front a disclaimer: I used to be a very big Doug Casey fan (I actually still am). But Doug Casey apparently decided, after all these years, to “cash in” his majority ownership of Casey Research, and now Porter Stansberry owns 51% interest. I won’t “bad mouth” Stansberry here, I’ll just say that I absolutely, positively, am NOT a fan of him or how he does business. I don’t have a large amount to invest in “those” kinds of stocks, but have subscribed to multiple Casey Research newsletters for a number of years. As soon as the precious metals and other resources begin to heat up, I will be out of those assets anyway, and will drop Casey Research altogether. So again, I DO NOT recommend Casey Research any more.

    With that said, Casey Research did retain a few of Doug Casey’s great analysts, and some of their “news” type information is still excellent. Disregarding any attempts to sell subscriptions to their newsletters or hype specific investments, one can still learn a lot from at least some of the emails they send to subscribers. This is one of the better ones of late (better in terms of information and analysis apparently, NOT good material to read before trying to go to sleep for the night). Look at what’s happening to the bond market(s). For multiple reasons, this is very concerning to me personally, but should be for every one of us. It looks like the canary in the mine is now comatose and close to taking its last breath, if this analysis is anywhere near solid. This comes from one of the “freebie” Casey emails that come to regular subscribers, but it’s also available for free on their home site. Again, just disregard attempts in it to sell you something (at least that’s my opinion after many otherwise very appreciative years). My best wishes to Doug Casey for a well-earned retirement, but I don’t trust the new management one bit, and I’m disappointed Doug would sell out to them.

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    You bring up an interesting point. If I see Porter Stansberry’s name associated with something I avoid it. His relentless marketing and hype are too much for me. I understand he has to market himself, but he goes way over the top.

    The article itself is very informative. The spread is continuing to widen, and is another example that shows the governments message of all is well is not based on fact.

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