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    No .. but their banks trade the Euro. Even the UK banks like Barkleys lost money when the SNB abandoned the Euro peg. Somebody read the handwriting on the wall, even if it was 30 years to late. lol

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    yes, we don’t use the dollar but oil is priced in dollars.

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    The Swiss also have the most homogenous country in Europe, along with the Finns. They haven’t fallen for the multi-culti BS…

    I read a book called Target Switzerland, about the Swiss during WWII. The Germans were very keen on adding Switzerland to the pile, but the Swiss told them to step off.

    The Germans conducted a study, trying to figure out how many guys they would need to conquer and occupy Switzerland. They estimated – conservatively – that it would take 10 million troops to conquer Switzerland and 1 million just to occupy it. Too expensive, they decided not to invade.

    The Swiss have been practicing blowing mountain passes and bringing down mountainsides on their enemies for a very, very long time. They hollowed out at least three mountains, the one I remember being the Saint-Gotthard Massif, as fortresses making up the National Redoubt and ensuring that even in the face of invasion, they could fight on. The National Redoubt has since been decommissioned, but in the event of war, I have no doubt they would be recommissioned. There’s room – and supplies for – several division and brigades in the National Redoubt,

    Hidden 120mm artillery emplacements – invulnerable to aerial attack, cover the Gotthard Pass, and they will destroy the pass rather than allow an enemy to take it… I’ve been to Switzerland and there are well camouflaged gun emplacements everywhere… if you see one, that means it’s old and not used anymore and they don’t care if you see it or not…

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    Ghost Prime

    Sounds like Switzerland would be a great place to live. Too bad America did not retain its identity, culture, and language as the Swiss have. Had we done so, we would not be as deep in the scheisse as we are now.

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    Ghost Prime, I came here in 1962 and the only language to be used was English! Then sometime in the late 1970’s things started to slowly change. The libs started to take over the schools and universities. Now they already got English out so they are trying hard to get God out which they are doing very well.

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