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    Bruce Beach
    Bruce Beach

    I am intentionally starting a new thread here – because it is almost a different subject in response to some questions asked regarding the previous thread.

    How one defends – depends upon against whom one is defending.

    A conventional wisdom is to “Stand your ground”, “Never give up”, “Have tons of ammo, and to practice and be skilled with your weapons.”

    Against an overwhelmingly superior force – YOU WILL LOSE.
    No matter how secure your castle –
    how tall and thick the walls –
    how deep the moats –
    eventually the siege will be won by the attackers.

    Single family or small community complexes are especially vulnerable.
    There are too few to stand guard 24hrs –
    and once the primary defenders are gone the rest are toast.

    But against whom are you defending?
    The forces of the Anti-Christ.
    The NWO.
    Foreign troops of the UN.
    Combined mass invasions from China and Russia.
    Invading aliens from UFOs.
    These are all fantasy ideas.

    Your attackers will be locals.
    They will share your culture and language.
    For one reason or another they will hold certain prejudices against you.
    Before social breakdown they will either be bureaucrats or be reinforced by bureaucrats.

    They will be of the same mind set –
    that attacked the Mormons in Nauvoo Illinois
    or the JWs in Montreal Quebec.
    Over non-religious issues it will center around
    building codes
    fire codes
    Child Protective Services
    environmental protection –
    and any one of dozens of other similar excuses –
    but motivated by some prejudices –
    racial, religious, cultural –
    simply that you are doing something different –
    and raising fears for that reason.

    The attackers will feel that they have moral and legal authority
    for what they do.
    They will be credentialed bureaucrats with identification,
    and perhaps badges and arms.
    They will be backed by the authority of the courts –
    and higher levels of bureaucracy – if need be.

    Those that you have to confront are the local police
    and the local sheriff.
    Not easy.
    Not easy. Tell me about it.
    I was a professor in black colleges in the south.
    I lived there during the drama of the civil rights movement.
    My family had to lie on the floor while the gun battles with police raged in the streets.
    There are many experiences that I could tell you –
    but I will tell you this –
    I have been toe to toe –
    with the sheriffs and the police commanders – many a time –
    so I speak from experience.

    It is not guns that will win the day –
    and you won’t win every battle.
    The path to Justice is a centuries long battle –
    that lies behind us – and before us.
    Lynchings past and future –
    have been and will be our destiny.

    In the case of social breakdown and failed societies –
    the enemies will remain the same.
    The renegade remnants of military and para-military forces.
    The deputized cohorts of the local powers that be.
    Even cohesive groups such as large motorcycle gangs.

    Major confrontations may threaten –
    such as with some massive group led by a charismatic leader,
    and you may think yourself in no better position than those of ancient times –
    under the attack of the Mongolian Hordes,
    but confrontation is NOT your answer.
    Negotiation – Consultation – Cooperation
    on the basis of shared culture and language –
    is the path to choose.

    For the individual sociopaths that stalk and pillage –
    it may be that a few displayed and well publicized bodies –
    will reduce the number of confrontations of this sort –
    that will need to take place –
    but as I have tried to emphasize –
    different circumstances require different responses.

    You cannot stock enough weapons to fight off the world.
    You may say they will pay a terrible price –
    and indeed they may –
    but in the end – they will win.

    The more weapons you stock.
    The more anything you stock.
    The more prepared you are for confrontation –
    the more likely you will have confrontation – and
    the more likely you will lose.

    The more that you are prepared to
    cooperate and serve –
    (and I can name many ways)
    the more you will be of value –
    and the more likely you will be protected –
    provided for –
    and survive.

    Peace and love,

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    from a British point of view I have got to say they will be people who haven’t prepped and are now starving, having eaten what little food they had in the house and when they went to the supermarket the shelves were empty, now the think they have the right to take from those that thought ahead and did prepare.

    British Survivalist.


    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
    I do agree that no matter how many guns and how much ammo you stockpile that a peaceful conflict resolution is best.
    There will ALWAYS be conflict, even in times of peace.
    However, I am definitely willing to defend myself and family. But I think a lot of preppers just want to kill people because they can in a SHTF scenario. This is wrong.
    That’s why the importance of forming a tight, trustworthy, group (free of sociopaths) cannot be stressed enough.

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    This might be one of the best statements on this subject I’ve ever read. I’ve spent a great deal of my life as a soldier living in war zones, mostly in the middle east. Quite a bit of that time was spent living with the locals. If you’re willing to learn, there’s a lot there. We call it, survival, bushcraft, prepping. They call it life.


    No, one cannot stockpile enough bullets, guns or anything hold off the hordes of Genghis Kahn, but I don’t think any of us are trying to, or dream of it.

    Peaceful resolution, sometimes just won’t or can’t happen.

    Looking to the past, the Jews, Roma’s and Armenians come immediately to mind.
    Followed by countless millions over the last century.

    Yes, your handgun/rifle is useless against an army, or is it?

    An interesting question I ask every class I put on (CCW/Firearms instructor).
    What would Hitler have been if every Jewish household had kept an old Mauser rifle behind the door and had the will to use it?

    As a police officer I saw more instances where violence was the only answer.
    A wife beaten repeatedly by an abusive spouse she cannot escape, people defending against a home invasion, the list goes on.

    There are times when peaceful negotiations work, other times they fail.
    We hope, pray and plan for peace, but should be ready to make violence our answer

      if we must

    Peace is a fragile thing, often only caused or created by the threat of violence.

    What makes the US so different from other places? Those arms, that threat. Other places where the people need to rise up after decades of abuse, they cannot, having no arms.

    Individually we are just that, individuals. But as a people, organized or not, we are a power.


    I love peace, and peaceful solutions of conflicts and problems, especially because from my experience violence bring more violence, and when you do violence it stays in you (and goes with you) for the rest of your life.

    But I have seen how people who trust ONLY in peaceful solutions being dragged from houses and killed on the street, or tortured. They trusted in peaceful solutions only, being armed and ready simply was not part of their life.

    Every normal man hopes for peace, and do best that make peaceful solutions, but sometimes times come when normal folks do not control anything. So simply you must be ready for that time, and armed of course.

    And when that time come you need to be ready do harm other people if you want to survive, to harm them on quick and efficient way.

    Bruce Beach
    Bruce Beach

    I am not a pacifist.
    Have been.
    Was a member, years ago, of the FOR (Fellowship on Reconciliation).
    That was after eight years military.
    Both sides of the fence.
    Back and forth.

    BUT – there is a balance in all things.
    Somehow, people overlook my advice on dealing with predatory sociopaths,
    during the catastrophe and in the catastrophic aftermath –
    so I will restate it.

    “For the individual sociopaths that stalk and pillage –
    it may be that a few displayed and well publicized bodies –
    will reduce the number of confrontations of this sort –
    that will need to take place –
    but as I have tried to emphasize –
    different circumstances require different responses.”

    Many people are inconsistent in their belief systems.
    Some are opposed to capital punishment for the worst criminals –
    while supporting (abortion) the death penalty – for the most innocent.

    The more primitive a society –
    the fewer resources it has to deal in a ‘humane’ manner with extreme situations.
    All societies going through The Great Catastrophe –
    are for a while to find themselves in very primitive conditions.

    Never been there.
    Never want to be there.
    Unfortunately, expect it for myself –
    my children and grandchildren.

    It is a part of the nature of the ‘special time’
    that we live in –
    in the history of humanity.
    We will simply have to deal with it.

    Peace and love,

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    I believe the vast majority of people want peace. Whether it be country to country or neighbor to neighbor, the majority will try to get along. I don’t want a lawless society, and I pray my children and grandchildren never experience it. However there may come a time where we have to stand up for what we believe. For everyone that is different. For some it is political activism, for others it may civil resistance, and for others it may be violent resistance.

    Preppers that focus solely on guns and ammo will surely find violence. If for no other reason than they have to go and steal food and supplies to sustain themselves. Which will work until they meet up with a prepper that has diligently prepared to defend his home and family and his supplies.

    In the final analysis every person will have to be true to himself and what he believes. Is he involved or is he committed.


    The Alamo was lost , and so was Lexington/Concord , but both set off a **** storm that changed history , many more examples . You as an individual may loose , but that loss may be what changes you nation and people for the better in the long run . Just Sayin .

    Doing a John McCain , with your hands in the air , achieves nothing but a passive and unintentional consent to tyranny . Believe me when I say this , we are all safe and sound in our protective life here at home , but the world is starting to get sick of the US government and its constant interference in global affairs . If a civil war did actually happen here , other nations would most likely get involved , perhaps not overtly , but instead , do what we do all over the place , send special teams of advisors to train rebels , that could be very dangerous for them , but possible .

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