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    A Jewish friend sent me link to this project that has been going on now for a few years. Read about it here.

    What I found interesting/fascinating was reading people’s answers (to themselves mind – this is not a ‘forum’ type thing) to the question every year – (Question 4 I) Go here, and click Q4 on the left side bar for each year. Really does give a broad panoply of views and interesting insights into our fellow humans….and how they view the state of the world.

    This was my favorite because it stands out so much from all the other commentary to ‘self’ – and this individual has a nice way with words….and most importantly, I need to remember this more often. Think I’ll print it and stick it on the bathroom mirror or something!

    ‘World events do not “impact” me – they are not asteroids, I am not Earth. I watch, I observe.Peace tides flow, and alternately war tides flow. Without either is stagnation. In between the Great Wars was this stagnation called the Weimar Republic. Bodies pile high in the strife-torn areas. Weather ravaged areas rebuild. Like a tree, I sway with the wind – the air tides, the war tides, the peace tides. Life and death are two curves on the same circle. Life will be better or worse, year in year out. Fortune’s Wheel raises and crushes all in the same movement.”

    Take a second when you have time and check it out – I thought it was fascinating.

    Something different to ponder.

    Enjoy the beautiful day …winter here has mailed it’s ‘Save the Date’ card to us here….coming sooner than usual I expect from what I see.


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    I have not done something like this in a long time. We did something like this in high school. Our freshman year we were given a questionnaire to fill out. They were given back to us right before graduation our senior year. Some of the responses were hilarious others shocking. At such a crucial changing point in our lives it was interesting to see how much we had grown up in 4 years and how nieve we had been. I look back now and realize how nieve I was then and how much I still have to learn. These exercises often shine a light on what is really important and what was a waste of time. Funny how we get all worked up over something that ended up not really mattering in the end.

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