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    Just read where Dr. Nancy Snyderman, the NBC Medical Director, that was supposedly in quarantine until October 22nd was spotted on a food run in Princeton, N.J. Once again the liberal mindset of rules are for other people not me is exposed again.

    How can a medical doctor who voluntarily quarantined herself, then go out for a food run. Great example for the rest of the population Nancy!

    She needs to be fired on the spot!!!

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    And she is someone who fully understands the risks. Now think how it will be with the average person who doesn’t.

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    As was stated in the articles, the fact that they were all asymptomatic with normal temperatures indicates that they weren’t an actual risk. But as you said, way to set an example, idiot. Make a song and dance about voluntarily quarantining yourself to show how concerned you are, then send someone for carry-out and tag along for the ride. Publicly flaunting the safety precautions that you yourself are reporting the importance of… the perceived exceptionalism of media types knows no bounds. I think the lenses of video cameras emit some sort of dangerous radiation… the longer people spend in front of them, the more their sense of personal responsibility and accountability seems to decay.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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