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    [Note: Without any editing – which usually has seemed to be the cause of suddenly deleted posts – the original version of this post disappeared the moment I posted it, multiple times. Here it goes again, with only an article URL that contains a video, rather than the video itself this time. If it disappears again, I’ll take the “hint.” How ironic, given the topic at hand, but probably just pure coincidence. Certainly. ;-) ]

    We hear how great President Xi is, and how much we need to partner with China, etc., etc., etc. And we know that they’ve managed to fully move into the 21st century, technologically. So it should be little wonder that we’re learning just a bit about how deep surveillance of “their” people goes.

    Selco (I think wisely) chose to include a “News & Current Events” thread in the Forum. While it could be used to draw away discussion of the primary topic at hand, it also potentially informs about an aspect of preparation that few really stop to consider, or are at least too casual (i.e. unguarded) about: personal privacy. Take the following brief portion of the post bearing this topic’s title:

    [A] 34-year-old Uighur farmer, described as an “impressive student,” says he never realized until receiving political education that his behavior and style of dress could be manifestations of “religious extremism.”

    Detention for political education of this kind is not considered a form of criminal punishment in China, so no formal charges or sentences are given to people sent there, or to their families. So it’s hard to say exactly what transgressions prompt authorities to send people to the centers. Anecdotal reports suggest that having a relative who has been convicted of a crime, having the wrong content on your cell phone, and appearing too religious could all be causes.


    That article was back in October, and is well worth reading all the way through. A brand new article shows just how far technology is being taken – or at least how far anyone’s willing to publicly disclose:

    “China Is Vacuuming Up DNA Samples From Xinjiang’s Muslims”


    But most of us still active here in the Forum live in North America, so of what value is the above to us (or most anyone in Western Europe, Australia, Japan, etc.)? And what does it suggest for those interested in preparation? In my mind, if/when SHTF really does happen (and even in the run-up to it), it may be a topic of great interest (and personal relevance) to most anyone – particularly if no preparation has been taking place for quite some time. Data is being gathered at rates we can’t even know, but can gain some clues about from what “they” are willing to share with us. For example, the following has been posted here previously, but may be worth a review, or as new information for those that have not seen it. Just remember, this is merely what they WILL tell us about the capabilities. In reality, identification of a cigarette brand could be determined from “high altitude” decades ago (not just one or two decades, either). And now “they” have the Google platform in which almost unimaginable amounts of data are being stored, processed, linked, etc., in state-of-the-art databases. Plus, the U.S. government’s NoSuchAgency has the massive “Utah Data Center” just south of Salt Lake City (Bluffdale). Why would they have that much data capability, and what might they do with it? (That’s rhetorical, not necessarily asking for responses here, just suggesting personal reflection.)

    Every attempt below at posting the many videos directly into this post has resulted in a post that never makes it to this Forum. It turns out YouTube has apparently deleted the multiple versions of it. So here goes yet another attempt – read the article, but particularly watch the short (less than 5 minute) video embedded in the article:


    Notice what they are willing to disclose in the video, vs. how much more they aren’t. We don’t have to be personally identified as a “Person of Interest* to have our data collected in the massive effort that already exists, both government and “private” industry. (*For those that haven’t seen the TV show by the same name, it’s well worth watching, particularly the first and 2nd seasons.) Remember, once it’s “out there” to be gobbled up into the databases for sorting and connecting, it’s “out there” permanently by whoever chooses to use it, and when. Nuf sed.

    "Ye hear of wars in far countries, and you say that there will soon be great wars in far countries, but ye know not the hearts of men in your own land."

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