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    When you look at what is going on in the middle east (ISIS in Syria and Iraq) and between Israel and Hamas and Russia and the Ukraine. Then look at the fact that Russia supports Syria and Iran and Barry Sortoro Husien Obama does not support Israel I see a really big mess that could blow up in so many different ways. We live in interesting times. Frightening but interesting.


    Putin DID reach out to Israel early on , he was one of the few Russian leaders to visit that nation . Israel unfortunately rebuffed any meaningful ties with that nation BECAUSE OF interference and political pressure from the United States , they would have found a more stable and supportive ally with Russia for the long term . Now they are on their own as the US has abandoned them ( once again ) . Russia needs Syria for her ports , much like we have need of Saudi Arabia for other reasons . Lets not forget that we supported Saddam Hussein for quite a long time . Like Putin or hate him , he is a smart man , and unlike our leaders , is looking out for the best interests of his country , like any good leader of any nation should . Just Sayin .

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    Everyone needs to remember that Israel has nuclear weapons, some have reported that it has from 200 to 400 nuclear war heads so Israel really doesn’t need anyone. I think that will be the end is Israel back is in danger, 200 to 400 nuclear weapons going off will end the Earth.

    Yes that means China Russia and the U. S. will end too!

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    Tolik: well said.

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