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    (work in progress)

    I like this guy. Glad someone mentioned him here. ty.

    ants created air flow with underground garbage pits, that generated heat that rises, and exchanged

    air in the colony. (i was thinking this may work, without an electrical power source, with wood stoves, the same way dokata fire pits work)

    (i am looking for a better copy without the commentary)

    the ideal negative air machine (hepa vacuums may work as well) come end of the world,it pays to know where the disaster restoration company’s are.

    thoughts or ideas on negative air flow appreciated. even a small war is going to bring out the dust lottery, and i don’t think many here can afford to hide underground for seven years waiting for it to settle… playing tennis and the like.

    Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.

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