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    I’m posting this because this is a real long term threat. This is a subject young people should know about. My children in their 20’s could experience global cooling, I want them to know what to do and migration may not be feasible.

    “Casey said the cycles of warming and cooling periods generated by the sun are responsible for the changes.

    Right now, he said, there are a number of hints, including volcanic and earthquake activity.

    The last time such factors assembled, he said, was during a “cold era” during the late 1700s and early 1800s. In fact, he said, 1816 was known as the “year without a summer” when snow fell in the middle of August.

    Problems this time, however, will be multiplied, because then the U.S. had a population of only 5 million, while now it’s about 320 million.

    And then, too, “the vast majority of those people raised their own food and took care of themselves.”

    “When tough times came along they chopped wood for their fire – [and used] stored food,” Casey said.

    He suggests consumers should store a year’s worth of food, because once “we start to lose food and crops either at harvest time or at spring planting, things will get serious.”

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    I agree with this study. We will see global cooling. I told my wife this year when in July the nights here in Miami were in the 70’s I could not remember in the last 50 years cool nights in July. I also when to the gulf in Florida and the water was not hot in Aug which every year is like a hot bath. So something is going on slowly.

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    L Tecolote

    “Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.” — Mark Twain (also attributed to Robert A. Heinlein)

    Whether the planet will go into a long period of cooling within my lifetime, I lack the expertise to predict. But I partially understand politics, to the extent that politicians and those for whom they are the public faces, will not hesitate to lie, in order to accomplish their purposes. Heck, they don’t stop at wars — mass murder — for fun, profit, and power, so why should mere lying bother them.

    The ’70s cry of “global cooling” (unless we de-industrialize, and lower the defenses of the West) was derailed, just as it began to get traction, by the treachery of the planetary weather, which, by warming up, refused to play along. The power-hungry America-haters, not to be stopped by planetary recalcitrance, changed the narrative to match the weather in the early ’80s.

    “Global Warming!” Mankind (read “the non-communist nations”) are ruining the planet by living well, and being able to counter the Soviet Union, et al., and we’ll all be cooked, unless the West voluntarily goes Third world. Of course, the prospect that all of the thermal, and atmospheric conditions on the planet could be overruled by 20% (America’s portion) of 0.02% (mankind’s portion) of a gas that comprises about 1% of the total atmosphere, is roughly equivalent to believing that the last three hairs, at the tip of the tail of a fat Saint Bernard, not only could, but actually do, wag the dog.

    Global Warming, if believed, supports virtually every policy change, and rewriting of the laws of the western democratic nations, with special emphasis on America, and, mirabile dictu, could be “verified” by carefully subsidizing the “research” of bureaucrats, academics and universities, all hungering for their “proper” piece of the economic pie. For people who gin up “money” out of electrons, and politicians who get to pass it out to people who say what they like to hear, what could be easier?

    So it has become “fact” in the globalist-owned media. But the thought nags at me, that if such people could make the case that, no matter what the weather does, all of mankind is jeopardized by anything beyond subsistence living, and proper subservience to their globally-owned governments, that if they had access to reliable predictive science, they’d instinctively, almost automatically, mislead the rest of us to prepare for the opposite of what they expected.

    Technology, human inventiveness, has been both blessing and curse to Those Who Would Be King: the weapons and spying they need are greatly enhanced, on the one hand. But their minions are rarely the avid slavers that their masters are. Slips, lapses by the minions, and newer inventions by those who would be free, are forever outrunning the Leviathan. My money is still on Liberty.

    Cry, "Treason!"

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    I’m not qualified to have an informed opinion but my guess is that global cooling is more likely than global warming. The implications as 74 notes are vast. This is our 6th year here and we have lost our apples twice to late frosts when the trees were blooming. We lost most of our black walnuts to late frosts 5 of the past 6 years. This year the last frost was especially late but fortunately the apples and the walnuts had already been set. I have bumper crops of both this year. However I did suffer damage to certain of my other plants this spring. This far north farmers could still do cows, sheep and such in a colder climate but crops could be questionable if frosts come too late or too early. How cold it gets in the winter doesn’t matter. What matters is how long the winter is. That the last two winters have been brutally cold isn’t a big deal but the fact that winter lasted 3 to 4 weeks longer than normal could be.

    To have crop failures does not require an abundance of cold weather. It just requires a single hard frost after it is too late to replant or before crops have ripened and been harvested. Just one in July or August would do it.

    freedom, you gave me a chuckle with your comment about in the 70’s being cool nights. When it is in the 70’s here at night it is usually accompanied with the term “sweltering”. 70’s is what we consider perfect daytime temps during the summer. July is the hottest month with an average daily high of 81.

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    I should note that I think the global warming hysteria will continue until it is impossible to keep pushing that agenda. There are way too many people making money off of it for it to go away quietly. .

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