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    <div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Malgus wrote:</div>I’m saying that there is a culture of corruption in the police, zero accountability of those who do wrong and also the militarization of our police, which will not lead to anything good – in this or any other world…

    OK Malgus so what are you or anyone else going to do about it? In this country, at this point and time.


    “You don’t like the Police having “weapons of war” i.e. Military guns and gear. Okay. So let’s make the field even, all civilians (Police are civilians) are forbidden from possessing weapons and gear that are of military design and/or former military weapons. Why not even go so far as to make clones and replicas of military weapons illegal, since many are made with military parts or out of the same parts bins. Once military, always military as the ATF is so fond of saying. “

    So, you’re advocating a complete repeal of the 2nd Amendment? See, you know as well as I do that the IIA was put there as a firewall against Government tyranny – so that CITIZENS should have all the terrible weapons of the Infantryman. I find it laughable that you call cops “civilians”… cops are trained by the state, employed as enforcers by the state, equipped by the state, insured by the state, paid by the state and defended by the state’s lawyers when they do something wrong…. but to you, they’re “civilians”…. yeah, okay… sure.

    Cops are Agents of the State – literally the power and force of the State incarnate – they ARE the State. To equip them as for war and then forbid citizens the same equipment?

    I’m not going to argue firearms minutia with you – You made the statement that the only difference between AR’s and their military, select fire counterparts is a little switch. Which is an egregious falsehood. I called you on it. Now you backpedal. Worse, you try “guilt by association” by invoking the Klan… Really? You stoop to this?

    The cartel’s are a completely different animal and you know it. The cartel’s are from another sovereign nation and should not be the issue of Mayberry-type police departments or SO’s… that they are even here is a blatant failure of our government in that they have failed to protect our sovereign borders from invaders as dictated by the Constitution and a failure of diplomacy since the cartels originate in Mexico – a failed narco state. They are a clear and present danger to the security of the US and I feel we are justified in invading Mexico and stamping them out. If the Mexicans can’t or won’t do it, then we have the right to defend ourselves.

    You cluck about the cartel’s having grenades and AK’s – equating them with “terrorists”, though you haven’t played that card yet – but fail to note that in today’s American, you are many times more likely to be shot dead by a cop than killed by some boogey-man “terrorist”. Also that “assault weapons” (another pejorative thought up by gun haters) are used in a fantastically small number of felonies in the US. Which contradicts your bed-wetting alarmism…

    “You can buy a full auto M-16, so can they.
    You can buy a grenade launcher, so can they.
    You can buy a cannon, they can’t justify that in the budget and there’s no reason to have one but for fun.”

    Only partially true. You’re counting on the ignorance of those reading this to reinforce your point.

    Yes, I can go and buy a select fire weapon – but there’s a few things you didn’t mention, right?

    Like that F-Troop fixed the supply years ago – no new select fire weapons being registered, is there? Haven’t been any new ones registered for what, decades? What happens when you fix the supply of something popular and the demand goes up? Yep – now everything select fire is obscenely expensive and only those in the rarefied strata of the 1% can touch them… unless you’re an SOT and only sell to other SOT’s or police departments… they knew this would happen and it has effectively priced everything except the most junky, schlocky **** outside the pocketbook of the Average Joe.

    And you failed to mention that cops, deputies, Feds… all these “civilians” as you call them – they are exempt from all the background checks, that us poor schlubs have to go through. Flash the creds and go home with a select fire weapon. For them, prices are downright reasonable. Couple hundred bucks for an M4? What’s the going rate these days for one of them, Whirl? I mean, for a holier-than-thou cop? Not for one of us “mundanes”…

    Go down to the firing line at Knob Creek… who owns the select fire weapons? The good ones? Doctors. Engineers. Lawyers. People with piles of disposable, discretionary income… and who amongst us blue collar middle class schlubs can afford anything like that?

    Cannons? Only the muzzleloading kind… going rate for a 3 inch Napoleon in gunmetal (cannon bronze) is well over 10K…. forget trying to get something like a PaK Howitzer. Oh, you can own one – without the breech ring – and without that, you can’t fire it. It’s just a bigassed paperweight. How long do you think it would take me to get F-Troop to “okay” a breech ring for a cannon, Whirl? Think I’d live to see it happen?

    And NO, as representatives – Agents of the State – the cops do NOT need these thing. Should not have these things. Power rests in the citizenry. Period.

    The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1


    OK Malgus so what are you or anyone else going to do about it? In this country, at this point and time. – twee

    You’re mistaking me being able to identify a problem with having a popular and easy-to-implement solution…

    I don’t have all the answers. The answers I do have, will never be implemented without some monumental upheaval that wipes out the Status Quo… the Usual Suspects will rail against my solutions. “Racist” they’ll bay and howl. “We need this stuff because TERRORISTS!” they’ll yell… when you suggest that citizens have the power to fix this stuff themselves, they’ll howl even louder about “Vigilantism!” – forgetting they derive their own power from US…

    All of it just alarmist claptrap designed to keep those who are in power, actually IN power for as long as possible… they cannot conceive of a life without their power and position and authority and all the perks that go along with it…

    THEY exist to provide us with a service. WE do not exist to provide them with position…

    The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1


    Malgus, you know I wasn’t advocating that, even tongue in cheekly. Obviously we need a ‘sarcasm’ tag on this site.

    And yes, Cops are civilians, they don’t live under the authority of the UCMJ.
    Same as you.

    That my point is being missed, has not been lost on me, I’m giving up on this thread.
    Not worth the headache.

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