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    Word is that soon Mossberg is going to reintroduce the bullpup version of the Mossberg 500, but with some updates to the stock and sights setup compared to the bullpup they had in the 1980’s. My guess is that instead of a carry handle with the sights built in, they will go with a Picatinney rail. It may not have fancy features, such as the dual magazine tube Keltec, but you can bet it will probably be reliable and affordable.

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    This reminds me of an idea I had from watching video games – this is almost identical to the Super Shotgun in Quake 2.

    However you can make one easily that would also be semi-automatic. But as it is with all double barrel shotguns I think that the ATF considers any gun that fires more than 1 shot per pull of the trigger to be a machinegun. Even if it fires both of them at the same time. Thats why this pump action only fires one at a time even though every pump loads 2.

    Take two Saiga-12 Shotguns, a Lefty and Righty, join their charging handles and trigger together into one. Now you have a semi-automatic shotgun that fires both barrels every time the trigger is pulled. Put muzzle breaks on both barrels and a nice rubber pad on the butt and it wont even break your shoulder.

    The only other way you’re going to get that kinda firepower is with a custom super caliber load like an 8 Gauge or 4 Gauge (hey, a 4 gauge works out to be 25mm, so a 25mm grenade launcher is already there).

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    The DP-12 is advertised for sale in the new CTD catalog for $1395

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    Yes I got the same catalog yesterday. Ammo looks like it is going down some.

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