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    I can’t wait to hear the motive the police say they’re developing but are not yet ready to disclose. Ought to be really interesting. He shot the 39 year old woman in the back out in the parking lot, turned her body over, and fired again – into her face. He then went into the church he used to attend and shot 6 more. Despite the article’s “predominently white” characterization of the church, it bills itself as welcoming everyone, and has many non-white members, and the Sudanese scumbag wasn’t even close to being the only person of African descent to attend that church. Maybe if he’d have stuck around for more than a handful of visits a year or two ago, some of what was being taught there might have rubbed off on him.

    I read in another article that the 22 year old usher was not only pistol whipped about the head, but he also suffered a dislocated shoulder. He thought he had his gun on his person when he charged the Sudanese scumbag, but didn’t back off after realizing he was unarmed – a real hero! After the suspects gun discharged and wounded the suspect (who’s already been discharged into police custody), the usher’s father stood over him while the injured 22 year old went out to his car, retrieved his weapon, and came back to hold the Sudanese scumbag in place with his foot until police arrived. Hats off to the Washington Post for actually publishing a reasonably a-political article about the incident (must not have had their minders on the job today, being Sunday and all – they were all needed at NFL games to cover the really important stuff, and didn’t have time to edit this kind of story according to their editorial policies and standards).

    I remember when churches weren’t even locked at night. I remember when no one even THOUGHT about desecrating a church in any manner. I remember when probably no one even gave a thought to carrying inside a church. I’ve got just enough brain cells left to know that I don’t understand – I’m too old. I cannot relate to the poor snowflakes and islamist crazies that think it’s OK to do all they can to destroy the social and political order by any means necessary, even forcibly.
    [Yes – Georgia Saint is feeling decidedly anti-snowflake and anti-islamist terrorist today.]

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    GS i dont think he ever attended that church. He’s a displaced dreamer. Call ICE.

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