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    Whenever I go anywhere I am always observing the area in terms of its advantages and disadvantages come SHTF, and I also observe the local culture. I’m a people watcher from way back. I am just back from a couple days down on Long Island where wealth and privilege are everywhere. I didn’t see any Ford or Chevy dealers but I did see Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW, and Audi dealers. Last night I went to dinner at a place next to my hotel, and for $37.50 (before tip) I got a cheeseburger and a draft beer. That was the cheapest thing on the menu and yet the place was packed and had people waiting for tables. When driving past estates on the way to visit an historic site, I asked a friend who grew up there if this was old money or Wall Street money and he said when he was young it was old money but now it was mostly Wall Street money. These wealthy enclaves are not limited to Long Island. You find the same thing in Northern NJ, Southwestern CT, and in the NY counties north of the city. The same exists in the counties surrounding DC, and in certain other places around the country. These folks live in bubbles apart from normal people and they want the status quo maintained, no matter the cost to society as a whole. I think this is why there are so few substantive differences between the political parties. These are the folks that fund them.

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    we see this sort of thing in the UK too, people that eat out a lot and have no food in the house aren’t going to last long post SHTF. their money wont do them any good when the stores are empty.

    British Survivalist.

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    A prime example of the middle class being destroyed, while the wealthy get richer. But, be encouraged. As Lonewolf stated, when times get tough money is not going to help you if there is nothing to buy. I think the .1% will be more than willing to sacrifice the Wall Streeters and Banksters to protect themselves. I am also encouraged to read that many job creators (i.e. people who have small businesses) are much more attuned to taking their wealth and putting it to good use. No McMansions, but self-sustaining farms and ranches. I am becoming more encouraged, that after the SHTF, the society that grows out of it, will be more like the America we remember.

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