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    Don’t get me wrong, there are good instructors out there who have real military credentials. Like I said, interview them and then use google, face book, and what ever else you like to see if their story makes sense.

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    osagemarine – you are absolutely right about shooting in unusual positions!! +1!! When I was a grunt, I ended up badly pinned-down on a hillside with my guys, on my back, holding my m16 up over me, blind-firing uphill at two dug-in belt-fed MG’s. After, one of the guys said I had knocked-out one of them that way. Go figure. I talked to one man that said the port-fire weapons (M231?) issued to Bradley crews were absolutely hell on wheels when they cleared trenches in Iraq (Desert Storm 1). He just worked his way down the trench ’til he got fire, backed-up, then stuck that little thing around the corner and emptied it once or twice. Problem solved.

    I would also recommend learning how to shoot and reload one-handed. We were taught that at the Corrections Academy when I went through. I wish I had learned it years ago. Not only does it force you to THINK with a weapon in your hand, it greatly boosts your confidence in your ability too handle any situation


    Good points TK556.

    People very often imagine gunfight like shooting at the range, in control environment, peaceful and casual. Shooting “over the wall” with your weapon sticking or blind firing is usual in gunfight, that is the one reason why I often said that you need a lot ammo for the SHTF.

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    TK556 I will start learning how to reload one-handed, never done this. I have shoot one handed but never reloaded one handed. There is a lot to think about.

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