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    Don’t even know what to say.. Combination of a handful of unfortunate factors and some logistics mistakes?

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    That this, sadly, is not an unusual ocurence (although the hammers is novel) is the scariest part. So much pent up rage, fear, stupidity with no thought to positive direction of it. Very sad for the man’s family and community. So senseless. St. Louis is a cesspool has been for a long time.

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    Using a hammer to murder someone is classic underclass crime. Its usually an individual thing but making it a group event is new. Almost like a stoning. The Mau Mau panga is a classic for blacks while using a hammer is so white. They will use our tools against us. History repeats itself.

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    In one FBI report there were more people killed with bats and hammers then with rifles. In these times we need to always be on the lookout. The states that the law lets you can carry please do for the safety of your family.

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    From tweva:

    So much pent up rage, fear, stupidity with no thought to positive direction of it. – See more at:

    One of the profoundly sad parts about the young people who do this kind of thing is that the Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons, NAACP, Eric Holder, and ‘Bams himself refuse to have an honest dialog with urban youth and the black community in general about their culture that breeds this kind of behavior. Where is the introspection within their community as to how this could occur? We all know that there won’t be any. Lots of people come from dysfunctional and abusive families, and that brings with it many disadvantages in life, but how you react to those circumstances is your choice. The leadership doesn’t tell them that but rather pushes the victimhood meme and tells them their problems are someone else’s fault (and you know who those someone else’s are).

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