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    Or so goes the song line (and title) by an old friend.

    Try as I may, some days it does elude me, the act not the concept.

    The desire to have all the “tools”, gear, guns, etc. Want vs need, insurance vs the odds, keeps driving the desire.

    I “need” this, despite not needing it since the last one was disposed of. And it’s not just gear, but skills/information.

    There’s only so many ways to smoke a roast, field dress a deer, dress a wound. After a while, it’s just redundant and wasteful, of time and money.

    It all kind of hit me recently while preparing for a class, boning up on some of the latest and greatest methods and such. Many of the ‘new ways’ aren’t any better, just different. Some are really no different in content, just new packaging and fresh lemon scent.

    Are we really getting any better information today from some bearded hipster than was taught by Euell Gibbons back in the ’60-’70’s?
    How to scrounge dandelions can’t have changed that much.

    Or firearms classes/gear? When did instructors start having to wear a beard or shave their head, or both to be an “expert”?
    Or be some sort of ‘operator’?
    High speed, low drag used to mean something, but it had nothing to do with gunfighting.

    Going back through a couple decades worth of materials, certain information, certain instructors, and styles kept coming back as practical and functional.
    And it wasn’t the HS-LD types, with their look at me, how great I am attitudes and actions.

    The biggest change for the positive has been the gear, not the instructors. But the old gear still works also.

    After all this rambling, my basic point is don’t discount the older, more conservative styles and methods, there’s a reason why they have lasted. Same for gear.

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