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    Might just be me, but after 16 hours awake i enter a lovely experience of critical faculty loss.

    I made some serious mistakes today real world. Broke opsec in a ridiculously stupid way.

    first 24 hours are the hardest when trying to stay awake on purpose. (for me)

    second 24 hours are pretty easy if I keep busy, or mentally engaged.

    day three is where the mind really starts to play tricks on me, I dont go this far anymore. I know i can, but i think its dangerous.

    i read somewhere that your technically insane at day three.

    I do know lack of sleep can lead to heart problems, and cancers. Ive worked grave yard shifts. Boy is that hard after the second month.

    I make it a rule not to make any important decisions or judgements after the first 24 hours.

    obviously today i had my gaurd down…

    glad the guy was off grid… by his own admit-ion.

    anyone else practice sleep deprivation?
    practice what its like to go without water or water ration?

    back when i played world of warcraft for three months, and only three months, i could stay awake for days and days and days, rest for 8 hours and repeat. You can accomplish twice as much at the mere cost of health.

    Glad i quit warcrack. Never gonna touch a blizzard game again.

    getting older ive noticed its not as easy to stay awake as it once was, and i have to make up for the sleep over several days, or even a week.

    just had one hell of an experience today. i know that last post was even more cryptic than usual. i %^&*( up hardcore.

    didn’t think….
    didn’t think about the posts either.

    i hope i am wrong… but the eyes don’t lie :(

    Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.


    I have had the opportunity to experience sleep deprivation before. Twice.

    The first time, I had been awake for 5 days. Looking back, loss of mental acuity. Loss of fine motor control – I really had to concentrate to accomplish fine work that required attention to detail. I stopped eating, but was plenty thirsty. Very irritable. Quick to anger.

    The second time, I was awake much longer. 9 days. Not going to go into the “why” of it, but I was to the point where I entered a twilight daze, just stumbling around, not really aware of my surroundings. Forming thoughts and speaking coherently was an effort. It was agony. Mental agony. And pain. Physical pain. Hallucinations, both auditory and visual. Memory loss. No more irritability, but then, I was just a zombie anyways… you could have probably put a lit cigarette out on the back of my hand and I wouldn’t have cared…

    I remember reading somewhere that the human version of Mad Cow causes terminal insomnia. The virus eats holes in your brain and destroys your ability to sleep and enter REM, so as you deteriorate mentally from the virus, you’re not sleeping at all. At some point, once you’ve passed into and through the hallucination stage, it is probable you will drop dead from exhaustion. But, this takes a couple weeks to happen…

    The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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    The last time I had sleep deprivation, just felt tired, I nodded off, actually instantly went off to dreamland while driving my truck. If my wife hadn’t screamed and woken me up I would have hit a very big tree and most likely killed both of us.

    This is the season to get more sleep. Relax and enjoy it.


    Humans are creatures of habit , we need regular sleep cycles , but you can condition yourself to be able to sleep intermittently ( like a cat ) , 10 min here , 15 min there , throughout the day , even tho its not natural for us to do so . What I dont like is what I call ” blinking ” . Thats when you fall asleep for a very short amount of time , then wake up , like a long blink of the eyes . Your not sure how long you fell asleep , but you know you did it . I used to commute for work between two cities , long boring drive with nothing to see but sh*t desert . After working all day in the heat , the nice cool truck on that drive home made me blink ……………….more than once , I guess it was only for about 5-7 secs , 10 at the most ………….but it scared me awake for the rest of the drive . That brings up another factor , some temps can make you more vulnerable than others to that . Being a Southwesterner , I understand heat very well I also had a job for 25 years , traveling all over the US , exposed to all the different weather conditions in the country . Heat will make you more tired than cold as a general rule . Humid heat gives you more warning than dry heat , dry heat sucks the life out of you faster than you will be aware of . Temps affect your sleep requirements .

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    Blinken Winken and dead. It scared me too, Tolik. I know how fragile the mind is now when it needs to sleep. After working hard during the day sometimes I’ll take an hour nap to recuperate. Get off the feet, relax the back and sleep. Learn from the cat.

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