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    MountainBiker ,
    There is what is called a “skivvy roll ” its basically a T shirt , underwear , and a pair of socks rolled up into one piece . It will help keep a person cleaner if they have to spend a night or two in the field .

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    MB … Your post brings up a question for me I’ve thinking about for awhile. The appropriate truck gun. The one you keep on your lap while you sit at the convenience store waiting for your wife to come out. The last hijacking here two guys hit the driver both sides, shot him and drove off with the truck. He was shot and killed when they entered the truck or a short time later when he resisted. The truck was found nearby. I’m thinking a 9mm revolver like a Taurus or .40 revolver. You can never be to careful in good neighborhoods, you know.

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    Brulen, I think keeping a handgun handy makes a lot more sense in a vehicle than a long gun. Easier to deploy quickly in a close setting. That doesn’t preclude also keeping a rifle for a possible long trek home. And yes, bad guys can appear anywhere anytime. It is just that they tend to do so a whole lot more in some areas vs others.

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    For use in a car or truck a handgun is really the best choice because it can be brought to beare in any direction without changing hands and can be concealed. You have it with you all the time. In a vehicle a shoulder holster make sense. Guns holstered around the waist are hard to access sitting with a seatbelt on.


    Much is going to depend on where you are, as to your truck gun.
    In Detroit, Atlanta, Soweto and JoBurg, a high capacity 9mm makes great sense.
    In darkest Wyoming, or Kaintuck, not so much.

    I am more likely to deal with a road injured moose than a home invasiion or carjacking.
    And we just had another armed standoff.

    Reality is, we have wolves, bears, moose and mountain lion right here.
    And anything that can handle them can make a mess of a carjacker,but
    the opposite is seldom true.

    Were I only considering bad guys, my chiices would be different.
    But I have to consider tooth, fang, and claw also.
    It is effecting my choices and will continue to do so.

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    Otis makes a pretty small multi caliber cleaning kit. It is a pull through system similar to the bore snake but brushes and patches can be swapped out for different calibers. As far as a truck gun goes, I have a little youth breakdown Rossi. it comes with interchangeable barrels, mine being the 22 and .410. The only drawback is it is a single shot so it wouldn’t be great for defense. I have my pistol for that. The Rossi gives me the option to take birds, rabbits and other small game as well as larger game just by changing shells in the .410. It is very small and light so it wouldn’t be bothersome to carry for a long distance. I travel A LOT within my state for work. If something happens such as an EMP where I can’t drive I want to be as light as possible considering the distances I will be walking to get home( Texas is not a small state lol). I will not be looking for any fights so if something is happening at rifle distance hopefully I will be able to avoid it or hide until it’s safe. If not well I guess I’ll take the first shot with a slug and change to my pistol.

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    If you have to do Texas traveling on foot most of the year you’ll might want to do it like the border jumpers do –go at sunset and mostly at night hence a headlamp or small=powered flashlight and that extra canteen of water would make life worth living, just don’t wear flip flops, mocs, crocs, or narrow sh*tkickers. But if that’s what ya got better than meeting nature “nerkid” and afraid. How much water are you carrying while you drive our Lone Star state? I carry a six-pack of water always covered from sunlight, which will impact the plastic bottles. I try to replace them as I drink them.

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