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    I struggle with being as prepared as a Eagle Scout can be, not knowing what scenario is coming short of Civil War II. We can all pick a few scenarios, that said, for those of us who prep with close family members, wife, kids, who, don’t, won’t, can’t see the realities we see, I am curious as to how others deal or have dealt with this. For me beyond prayer, I am not able to reason with my spouse, so I keep on keeping on prepping as an eccentric. Now one of several things can happen as I see it. SHTF, a real dose of “oh ****” this is for real and the dose of reality has now set in, ok I guess on that. Now, depending on any scenario, would she get on the FEMA camp bus…dunno. She will have an authority problem if TPTB run martial law and putting family first. At some point we will hit a crossroads. My faith has woken me up to this, so it is not optional, and for me and a few others in my close circle they understand my dilemma. That said, what have others run into that possible changed the position of their family members or didn’t change and how this effects them too.

    I would welcome for Selco and others feedback here too, thanks.

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    Vettom –
    There are all sorts of people in the world. Each with their own strengths, weaknesses and abilities as we know. I like to think of analogies to my problems I can see in nature itself. When it comes to people, I have found it useful to start thinking of how a beehive works. And, yet it does work..they stay together and often thrive (except for man’s interference of course). Or, like an old sailing ship…there is the captain, the cook, the linesman, those the set the sails….

    If you are a ‘planner’, if you for whatever reason are born or have come to see value in looking ahead further than next week, next month, next year…you can forget that there are even more people than you that are day-to-day people and more.. at least as I see it. That is not a bad thing…it takes all roles to make a cohesive whole.

    For me it comes down to developing mutual understanding and respect for each others position…and if need be, lovingly agreeing to disagree. That said, you can’t force someone to understand or respect anyone. It’s rather more most often earned don’t you think? by persistant,yet loving, sheer dogged belief in yourself and your values and quiet determination despite the rain of skeptical, multitudinous doubts. With patience, circumstance usually has a way of bringing about the tipping point in one’s favor. Just often never happens as quickly, nor in the manner we would like. Someone else here gave/wrote something/sample conversations about this recently, somewhere. Sorry you’ll have to search for it a bit I think. I couldn’t find it easily.

    Sure someone else has better thoughts. This IMHO. Deep breaths meantime.

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