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    Welcome! Please introduce yourself? (Name, age, gender, location for example)


    My name is Frozenthunderbolt, you can call me FT for short if you want. I realize that I’ve already been posting a while so i thought this was about due!
    I’m 28 years old, male and a live in New Zealand


    Since when are you into survival and preparedness and what made you get into it


    I was interested in the outdoors and survival skills from an early age growing up in the country; I asked for a kukri at age 10 and got given a lovely Tramontina machete for my birthday instead that I used to teah myself woodcraft, lerning to make fire, cordage, traps etc.
    I came to prepping via Peak Oil awareness circa 2006 (age 20ish) at a similar time to studying psychology. When I realized how fragile our modern society was, I panicked and spent large quantities of my capital to secure most important preps.
    Over time I calmed and realized that though society wasn’t falling immediatly around my ears it was precariously ballanced, so i reflected, and started to research and up skill myself to help myself and those i love.


    Why is survival and preparedness important or interesting for you? What scenario are you preparing for?


    Here in NZ I expect a slow crash as international economies tank and burn. This will mean that our country can no longer rely on components and and materials form overseas. We are lucky in NZ in that we (as a country can feed a significant portion of our current population if we spread it out.
    I prep for the survival, and more importantly, the thriving of those I care about.
    I prep for short term attempts at martial law and limited famine.
    Sensibly I also prep as NZ is on the pacific ‘rim of fire’ and prone to earthquakes and we are also overdue for some volcanic activity.


    How would you describe your prepping / survival philosophy? What matters for you?


    The wizard of Menlo park: Trades, materials, tools and particularly knowledge (in the form of practical books 3000+ so far).
    I don’t want to have everything (makes me a target) but i would like to make myself indispensable in a surviving community for the know how i have.
    I have read the largest majority of my books and practiced every skill from blacksmithing, to woodworking, to tanning, to soap making, to basic houshold chemical synthesis, to distilling, to solar etc etc to a level that I could Jerry-rig something and guide someone into the basics of a subject with a view to them specializing.
    I claim no mastery, but an enormous bredth of fundamentals.


    Do you have some favorite quotes or words of wisdom you like?


    All of us learn by making mistakes, the smartest of us learn from the mistakes of others.

    People don’t rise to the occasion, they fall to their highest level of training.

    You are dying and have 30 seconds left, what do you do or say?


    Thanks, live well and with honor. Embrace life and enjoy yourself to an extent that harms no-one else.


    Yea FT, you are here for a while, but let me officially welcome you!

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    Welcome FT.

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    Look forward to your posts FT -welcome!




    Hey FT, welcome to the forum. You have a very similar philosophy to mine. Being useful is a great way to secure a bit more safety in a post collapse world.

    I also like the part in which you write you are more relaxed about prepping now. I went through similar phases and its just bad to always live with the feeling the sky is falling down. Today I think we should take learning about survival and prepping serious and do our best but if that’s not enough in the chaos that a post collapse world brings then its not enough and I simply die.

    Living in NZ you also live in one of the best places in the world when it comes to population density and well… remoteness. Plus when I visited a few years ago I was amazed how nice everyone was. Big fan of your country! :)

    Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")


    A belated welcome.

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    Novus Ordo

    FT, thanks for filing the profile – you’ll definitely be a valuable asset here and able to share your experiences.  Good plan to be the most knowledgeable guy in the team.  I’ve built quite a collection of PDF’s and other book files from the late 1800’s to present, but haven’t near the time to read the bulk of them.  Agree with you on the slow decent – unless there is a catalyst (EMP, weather, etc.) it will probably be more like FerFal documents in Argentina – over a few years.

    Man, you’ve got those big red stags to hunt down there too don’t you?  If I won the lotto, that’s where I’d be heading!

    Semper Fi, K

    Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property... mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them.
    - Thomas Paine


    Thanks for the welcome folks, i’ve learnt a good bit hear and between this forum and survivalblog I can keep abreast of any relevant news.

    Yep – I’m rather lucky to live in NZ for a number of reasons, not least of which is the hunting! We get some great pigs down here too Novus ;-)

    Hoping to buy some country land (all that low population density!) towards the end of next year and either build or relocate a house to do up [harden] and be able to put in vege garden, orchard stock and mixed woodlot forest.
    So keen to have a spread of my own it hurts! I want to have my name on paper for it before things fall and transfer of title would become much harder (I can imagine things sliding towards farmer barons and indentured labor all too easily if there was a slightly steeper crash and we got cut off).

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